How To Be Prepared and Look Fabulous At An Outdoor Festival
  • Bring sunscreen. It’s imperative. I like the spray-on kind for easy application. Pack it in your day bag and reapply often. You can even use it as a sneaky prop to talk to someone cute – offer to spray them down!
  • Pack baby wipes and tissues in your day bag. Baby wipes can rid you of that sticky sweat feeling on your neck, face, and hands, and will automatically make you feel refreshed. Tissues are necessary in case one of the gross Port-A-Potties runs out of toilet paper… or if you uh, have to squat in the woods somewhere.
  • Stick with easy, long-lasting make up. Waterproof mascara, cheek stain, and colored lip balm are all you’ll need. Anything else will become a sweaty, smudged mess after a few hours.
  • Carry a bag that keeps your hands free. A cross-body bag, chic backpack, or one of those North Face fanny packs we were all obsessed with in 8th grade are ideal. You’ll need your hands free to carry drinks and and to dance!
  • Bring a juice pack for your cell phone. This way you can charge your phone on the go. You can pick these up for under $30 at Walmart or pharmacies. Be sure to close out extra apps and turn off Bluetooth to conserve energy – you’ll need your phone working so you can take pictures and, in case you get separated, find your friends.
  • Stay hydrated. Most outdoor festivals let you bring your own refill water bottles, and even provide free water! Snap a carabiner to it and attach it to your purse so you don’t accidentally forget it somewhere.
  • Check the weather. If a cold front is headed your way, pack a jacket. If rain is coming, bring an anorak and rain boots. Thank goodness I remembered to bring rain boots to Wakarusa last year – it poured on and off throughout the weekend, and every walkway, campsite, stage, and bathroom was covered in a 5-inch layer of thick mud. If it wasn’t for the rain boots, I would have been completely miserable the whole weekend.
  • Keep an eye on your drinks and surroundings. In a crowd of thousands, there’s bound to be a few shady characters. Keep your drink in sight at all times, and never go off to a stranger’s campsite with them alone – no matter how friendly or cute they might be.
  • Make peace with the grime. If you’re at a festival that requires you to camp out, accept and embrace the fact that you’re going to get grungy. The more you try to fight it, the more time and energy you’ll waste trying to stop the inevitable from happening. Forget about your greasy hair and sticky body – in a day or two, you’ll be home taking the most epic shower of your life. While you’re at the festival, focus on your friends, the music, and having fun in the moment.
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